Friday, April 17, 2015

Simple Wearable Spring makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!! New video is up in my channel:) I created is simple wearable Spring makeup Look.

I think I mentioned this before but Spring is my Favorite season and I love creating looks with beautiful bright colors.

Watch Video for details

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Super Easy Flower Crown Tutorial DIY

Learn How to make this super cute and Spring trendy Headband. 

All you need is
2. Elastic
3. Scissors
4. Glue gun

Watch Video To Learn how to make it


Friday, April 10, 2015

Hair Care and Routine with NuMe Megastar

Hey guys! So I've recently uploaded a Review of the Nume MegaStar hair straightener, and I thought I'll post my whole Routine here. This will also cover all the important elements of hair care and Products I use that are actually very affordable.

We all know taking care of your hair can be difficult, Especially when we're not sure how to do it or what products to use. Most of the time we tend to rely on others to take care of our hair, like when we go to a Beauty Salon. The Problem with going To the beauty Salon is that besides that you do spend a lot of money, you're not really taking care of your hair. Why? This is why, No one cares about your hair more than your self, which means that, no one will take as good care of your hair as you would yourself.

When I get my hair done at the parlor it's never how I want it, Why? Because they never listen to me 100 percent. Most stylist think they know your hair better than you do, and it can get really annoying. This happens all the time with hair cuts, hair colors or styling. Another thing is that they're not going to use High End products for your hair. Because they buy things in bulk, most likely the cheapest ones too.

In conclusion after years of spending money going to the salon, I realized that it's time I did something about it. So I did my homework and found some really amazing products that I use for my hair routine. The most amazing of all being the NuMe MegaStar Hair straightener. This was definitely a game changer for me. Because nobody knows my hair better than myself, I can finally take proper care of it with Salon Results.

Okay so first things first, I'm gonna start with washing my hair. You can use you favorite shampoo and After you're done washing, use a Hair Mask or Deep Conditioner. I use the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask. Any Hair mask or deep conditioner will do, Just make sure you read the ingredients and that you keep using it every time you wash your hair. I recommend using something that has protein and minerals for you hair. Maybe even a Keratin based Mask would be great. Protein is very important to incorporate onto your hair diet. It will help restore your hair to it's natural form, if you're hair is damaged. I love this hair mask because it makes my hair really soft and after a few days of using it I saw an improvement. 

Next is a Leave in Hair Balm or Conditioner. This is important if you have damaged, processed or cursed hair. What a leave in Balm does is that, it helps untangle your hair and makes it easier to straighten or manage. I use the  Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Express. I apply this before I Blow dry my hair. This is a great Leave in Balm because it has Murumuru butter and Argan Oil. You can use any Balm that has great outstanding ingredients. Look for things like Argan Oil, Keratin, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil ext. All these things are great for your hair. I love this One specifically, Because it smells really great and it has Heat Protection. Always!! before you straighten you hair, use a heat protectant. 

I also love to use the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner. This One is very moisturizing and Nourishing for your hair. I tend to use this after I blow dry my hair and Leave it about 85 percent dry. This product help moist my hair, for better results when I start to straighten.

And last but not least! Always use an Oil treatment. I use the Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment by Garnier Fructis. After you're done Straightening your hair, apply a dime size amount of oil through all of your hair. I would say especially the front or bangs (if you have bangs) and the ends. Oils keeps your hair Soft and shinny, Plus keeps flyways down. It also helps preventing split ends.

And Finally here's the Video on how I straighten my hair with the NuMe MegaStar

Thank you guys for reading and I hope this was helpful.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Daily Fashion Finds Fashion on a Budget

Beauty on a Budget

How many times has the price tag been a problem? Well many times! It really makes us wonder, is there a way of getting something good, cute and affordable? Yes it is! 

It may seem difficult but there's actually a lot of options when it comes to shopping. We all know clothes are not just about the price or quality, but also how you style them. 

I wanted to share with you some websites where you will find great styles with greater prices. 

White crop top
$12 -

Short skirt

Missguided white shoes

Pink earrings

Raspberry lip gloss
$4.47 -

Eau de perfume

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bedroom Decor and Tips! what does your bedroom say about you?

Bedroom Decor Tips, what does your bedroom say about you?

Your bedroom, the place that you long for when you're out, when you're tired and when you want to get home. It's the place where you rest, the place where you spend most of your time in. But when your bedroom is not organized or it's not decorated, It can make you feel uncomfortable. Believe it or not, your bedroom says a lot about you. It shows your hobbies, your interests, your favorite color, simply all the details about yourself. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your room organized and decorated in a way that feels true to who we are. I put together some tips hoping to help you find and know, how special your room really is. 

This can be very difficult to maintain. Sometimes we might be in a rush and forget about keeping up with our room. Dusting and organizing this is very important. Have you ever thought you lost something and it was simply under your bed or behind your dresser? For this I recommend shelfs. Keeping your stuff in place is probably one of the most important things. This way your room will not only be organized, but you will never lose anything ever again. Set a place for all your items and keep in mind that it belongs there. 

Your Bed
Your Bed is the most important part of your room! I mean it's where you sleep and rest. When it comes to your bed, it's all about the comforter. I recommend to use a comforter that it's soft and with a style of your preference. Also you can use a memory foam on top of your mattress, to make it more comfortable. Keep your bed with comfy pillows and cushions. This will look great and will also keep you cozy.

To me this is very important!! The best way to keep your room clean is with maintaining hygiene. Do not eat in your room. This may seem difficult for some people, but it's really the best way to keep your room neat. 

Positive Vibes
This is one of my favorite things. Sometimes we may feel tired and down. Perhaps it could be a bad day at work or maybe a sick day. I recommend keeping positive messages in your room. You can hang on a frame a positive message, so every time you see it, you can be reminded of something good. 

I love flowers!! Not sure if you guys do or some of you may even be allergic to them, but you can always get artificial ones. Flowers make me happy. Looking at how beautiful they are, it's a reminder that there's so much beauty that can be found. Flowers give a fresh feel and refreshing look to your room. 

Now who doesn't love a great piece of art? It's good to have some things hanging on your walls. Empty walls can make you feel lonely, keep them covered with your favorite paintings or photographs. Now don't clutter your walls too much! That would mean more dust. 

Keep things you like around
Sometimes at night when there's not much to do, before you go to bed, you can always read a book or just write. Clear your mind by letting your feelings out. Keep a notebook by your bed and everything time you feel a certain way you can write it down. Simply do something that makes you happy. I like writing music and playing games on my phone, so I usually just write. 

Your bedroom could look clean but does it smell clean? Scent can change your whole mood. Keep some candles or anything that will keep your room with a great aroma. There's many different types of scents and all kinds of candles and oils that can keep your room smelling fresh and welcoming. 

I hope this was helpful for everyone. Thank you

Moleskine refillable notebook
$28 -

Leaf curtain

Scented soy candle

Turquoise accent pillow

Gold wall art

My Spring Wish List

Spring is finally here!!! and so are many things that came with it. I am so Exited about putting beauty looks together with the lovely pastel colors of spring.

This is my Spring Beauty Wishlist! I've been wanting some of these things for awhile now and it's time i finally get them. Putting a wish list together is actually gonna help me remember these things.

I will hopefully be able to get these things before summer. Do you guys have a wish list? I'd love to see it! use the hashtag #beautywishlist on Instagram and show me.

Spring beauty

Victoria s Secret eau de perfume

Essie nail polish

Face powder

Highlight face makeup

Mink false eyelash
$37 -

Tinted moisturizer