Monday, June 22, 2015

RocksBox Review!! is it worthy?

So I have never been a fan of jewelry, But I think I may have changed my mind about it. The reasons why I never used buy or wear jewelry really vary depending on my mood or season. I'm not the type to just garnish my body with accents on a daily basis. The very few times that I actually wear accessories is on a special occasion.

As many of you probably know jewelry can be very expensive, especially if you like high end quality pieces that wont rust or change color. I used to always buy the cheap stuff you can get at Forever 21 or HM ext. The problem with these places is that their jewelry is so poorly made and usually tend to break. I have bought some pieces that to be honest didn't even last me a month. Basically in order to have good jewelry you're most likely gonna have to spend more than a few extra bucks. By that I mean hundreds. Most designer jewelry are usually above fifty dollars and let's face it not all of us can afford to spend so much money on something we will probably only wear once or twice.

I wouldn't call myself cheap but more reasonable. I don't think it's worthy to pay so much money on something that wont earn me anything back. So here's where Companies like RocksBox come in.
RocksBox is a Jewelry Company that does Monthly subscriptions for 19$ a month. Now we all know these kind businesses are very popular nowadays but here's why RocksBox is very convenient and worthy.

For all those of you who wish to wear delicate Designer pieces and don't want to spend a lot of money buying expensive jewelry, RocksBox is perfect for you. here's what I love, you're basically renting all these gorgeous Pieces for as long as you want by simple paying the monthly fee. when you subscribe, you can request all the pieces you want by simply adding them to your wish list. They will send you set consisting of three different items from your wish list. there's no specific time for you to return your set. you can wear it for your special occasion and simply return it to get your next set. so basically in one month you can get even two different sets for only 19$ a month.

                                                            Here's a Picture of my set

The best part of this is that, if you fall in love with a piece you can just keep it and sent the rest back.
I recently wore these for my fashion video

You can save now by using the code "anasilviaxoxo" for a one month free membership.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Getting Creative: Fairy Fantasy Makeup

Sometimes it is necessary to come out of our shell, and remind ourselves what we are capable of creating. I usually do more natural glamorous makeup looks, but I also love to just simply create what I can visualize in my head. whenever I feel like I'm getting too comfortable with my skills, I like to test my self and do something I've never created before. The so called "Comfort Zone" to me is more like a Danger Zone. I believe that the moment we become too comfortable with our abilities, we begin to lack the spark or creativity. It's good to always push yourself and know that you can always improve and do better than you did before. 


Makeup Details: @neutrogenashine control foundation,@anastasiabeverlyhills concealer,@toofaced candlelight highlighter,@sigmabeauty purple blush from their creme de couture collection.@starlookscosmetics gem pencil in amethyst. @colourpopcosmetics shadow in Daddy. @nyxcosmetics white jumbo pencil,@emcosmetics scribble liner in snow,@anastasiabeverlyhills eyeshadow in pink champagne. Lips @lagirlcosmetics matte tint in stunner and @anastasiabeverlyhillslipstick in Bambi, @jcatbeauty gloss in flash white. Nails are @colorclubnaillacquer in surprise.

OOTD Summer Evening Fashion

Summer is Finally here!!!!! and so are the little cute sexy outfits! a simple wearable sexy but yet casual look for almost any occasion.


A Simple elegant outfit for your summer evenings and nights. Perfect for a date or to just hang out with your girls.

Outfit Details

Bongo Jeans 
It's Sold Out!! :(


Steve Madden

Phone Case wristlet 
Rebecca Minkoff

Rocks Box 

Get a one Month free membership with Rocksbox by simple entering this promo code "anasilviaxoxo" 

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Night Glam Using Anastasia Beverly Hills Products

Hey guys So I decided to keep posting the one brand tutorials and heres one using only my very favorite! Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This Look is very Sexy, Sultry and Glamorous! look your best on a date or simply hanging out with your girls. Summer is the time to shine and Flirt so of course you have to look your best.

For this look I used Some of ABHs most popular and trending products and some of their new Summer 2015 Collection. The colors are absolutely beautiful and the quality Amazing. I am especially obsessed with their new lipstick in Craft and Water Proof Cream Color.

Shop These Products

Cream Contour Kit

Powder Contour Kit


DipBrow Pomade


Waterproof Cream Colors


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Favorite Affordable High end Quality Makeup

So we all know how expensive good makeup can be, and it really gets difficult to have all the things you want! unless you're rich of course lol. I decided to put together a few of my favorite brands That are very affordable and can be found at your local beauty supply store or at the drugstore. Some you can actually only buy online. Over the years I have been using some of these brands for awhile and I am really a fan of the product quality.

It really is possible to find makeup that is high end quality for a very reasonable price. I really feel like a lot of brands are extremely over prized and the quality isn't even that great. Now I wont lie, There are some high end brands that I am totally bias for! But also there are many lower prize brands that have the same and sometimes even better quality.

When I became interested in makeup and trying out different brands I gotta admit, some brands that I thought were great, Really let me down. Now that I've been collecting makeup for about three or four years, I can really say that it's all about a name more than Good quality. There are still some brands that I didn't try yet and hopefully will soon, but I feel like the prices are irrational. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be cheap but when a foundation is 70$ to me it doesn't make any sense. This Is why I really felt like I needed to make this video to share these amazing products with all of you!

I know a lot of you may be very young or be students and not have much money to be spending on expensive makeup. When I was a student I really couldn't buy anything that wasn't drugstore and I was fine with it. It wasn't until I started working that it was easier to buy all the makeup I wanted.

                                                          Watch Video For Details:)

Thank you all and hope this video was Helpful.