Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Walking Dead Inspired T-shirt DIY

Hey guys! so who's ready for The Walking Dead Spring finale this Sunday? Well I am! with this inspired T-shirt I will teach you how to make.
So I came up with the idea a few weeks ago and I finally had the time to make it come to life, Just in time for the finale. I thought It would be nice to have something that represents the show but it's not scary looking and doesn't involve blood or zombies. So I chose The phrase "Look at the flowers" which is said by Carol (Melissa Mcbride) on Season four episode 14. This phrase became popular on social media so I decided to use it for my T-shirt.

This Shirt is actually Really Simple to make and you can find all the supplies at your local craft/art store.

All you need is
A Plain White t-shirt
Iron on transfer Paper
Fabric Paint
Paint Brushes

The first step is to go into Photoshop or Indesign, To create you Phrase or Design you want on you shirt. There are other popular phrases you can find. I used font Helvetica Bold. I thought it would be cool to use he hashtag, so when people do it on Instagram or Twitter they can see what it's about. Once you write your Phrase, you have to reverse it. Make sure you print it out mirrored, so that you can actually read it when it's on the shirt. Every time you do Iron ons, you have to print it out Mirrored.

                                         Now here's the picture of how it looks when it's done.
To Learn How to make it watch this Video

I had so much fun doing this video and I really hope you guys give it a try. Maybe we can wear it on Sunday night while we watch the Finale. If you try this Please Please show me your picture! Simply hashtag #lookattheflowers on Instagram and tag me @anasilviabeauty so I can see it.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Bambi Review

Morning doll faces! Today I'm so very happy to finally have the long waited Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Bambi. So after these Lipsticks came out, this was the only color that wasn't released until Two weeks ago I believe.

This was actually the color that I wanted but I decided to try the other colors first, since Bambi wasn't available yet. 
As I mentioned on my previous post about these lipsticks, the first two colors I got were Lovely and Pure Hollywood. 

So let's start with the packaging! love the tube. It's longer than the typical lipstick tube, so it's more product I'm guessing. Love love how simple and classic it looks. 

The color it's beyond cute and adorable!! This is your perfect shade of bright lilac for the spring. I was actually hoping for it to be a lighter shade, rather than bright. It does look kinda different from the lip swatch they have on their website. Even though the color was brighter than I expected, I still loved the color. It's a lilac that almost look pink. Now this lipstick is extremely pigmented! Kinda reminds me of MACs Candy Yum Yum, not in the color but on the rich color pigmentation. This is a must have for the spring and summer.

So these are the swatches! Hope this review was helpful and thank you for reading.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

DIY: How To make a Perfume Bottle Design on a Tshirt

Hi guys! so I just uploaded a new video on my channel. It's a very simple DIY yet it's cute and casual.
I love making Fashion DIYs so I hope everyone enjoys:)

Perfume Bottles are trending now on 2015. You can find phone cases, wallets and all kinds of accessories with this design. I thought making a shirt would be fun and trendy.

                                              Here's the Video on how to do this shirt

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EM Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

Hi guys So today I will be reviewing some of my favorite lipsticks by one of my favorite brands, EM Cosmetics. I've been a fan of the brand since they Launched and I've never done a review on their products, so I thought I'd do that. I actually have many of their products so if you guys want to see different product review, Please do let me on the comments.

I have six of their lipsticks and most of them are from their matte collection. I'm not much a a fan of creamy lipsticks, so I always go for the matte, though I really like their formula for creamy lipstick.
The colors I currently have are, Passion Berries, Wine Stain, Honey Honey, Nine To Five, Hot Tangerine and Dare Devil. These are all matte except for Dare Devil which is from their creamy collection.

I Love the Packaging!! All of their products Packaging is white, which is quite unusual. They remind me of the MAC lipstick, Because you can't see the product so you have to read the label to see the name.

I'm Gonna Start With The Dark Colors

Passion Berries: This color is a deep berry color with a tone of red. Kinda reminds me of a grape color. This one Is actually very Pigmented and hard to take off. Actually it's so pigmented that it leaves your lips stained after you wash it off. I love to wear it with a thick black wing liner. This is like a grape wine color to be more exact.

Dare Devil: This Color is actually the same as Passion Berries, the difference it's actually the formula. This Lipstick is from the creamy collection, so even though the color is pretty much the same, the texture and consistency are very different. I really love the moisture of this lipstick, I will so try more from this collection. You don't need Gloss, because it's very creamy and the color pay off is amazing. one of my faves.

Wine Stain: If you've been looking for your perfect red, you now have found it. Wine Stain is your typical Classic red with a gorgeous matte finish. I love the pigmentation of this lipstick, it really stains your lips, and it's also very long wearing. You can top this with gloss if you like and the combo looks really great. i usually wear this with the Revlon Color burst in Fire Feu, Which is a thick red Gloss.

Hot Tangerine: I have been wearing this one non stop!! this is your perfect coral for spring! It's not too orange, or too pink. Out of all of these, this one has a very different finish to it. Even though it's matte, it has some kinda shimmer to it. Not as pigmented as all the other matte lipsticks, but I love that bit of shimmer gives it a fun flirty feel. I recommend using a lip primer for this one.

Nine To Five: This has been one of my absolute favorites for awhile now. I had this lipstick for almost a year now and I can't get enough of the color. This is your perfect everyday pink. It's not too bright, or too pale to make it dull or unwearable. Kinda has a hint of coral to it, but still has that cool hue. The name fits the color perfectly. Beautiful fun everyday color. Very Wearable!!

Honey Honey: Now, If you've been looking for a perfect nude, and you're a medium to tan, this is the perfect nude. I always have a problem finding a nude, because I feel like most nudes are too light for my skin color. This one it's a very warm gorgeous honey color, that it's not too light. Reminds me of a caramel coffee color. It does have a bit of a pink tone to it but it's more of a warm pink. I really can't get over it's perfection. The formula is very lovely, it's matte but still moisturizing.

This is how they look when you Open Them

Here are the Swatches Left to right
Passion Berries, Dare Devil, Wine Stain, Hot Tangerine, Nine to Five and Honey Honey

These are the Lip swatches 

Thank you so much for reading and hope this was helpful if you've been looking in to buying these.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Get Perfect Brows

Hi guys so today I thought I'll share my brow routine. I know that there are many people who have posted similar brow routines, but the more you watch the more you learn.

So it took me a long time to perfect this technique. It's not really that difficult but if you're brows have no shape it could be a bit tricky.

So I posted a Video on my Youtube channel about a week ago, showing the steps on my Brow routine. To me Brows are the most important part of my makeup. When you have naturally thick dark brows, the shape of your brows is very important because Brows are the frame of your face.

I had a hard time finding a product that would be long lasting and water resistant, that would actually match the color of my natural brows. If you have very dark hair like I do, then it's always best to use a color that it's very dark as well, but never use black!!! Yes you never want to use a color that is actually darker than your natural brow, Try to find a color that it's just slightly lighter, but dark enough to cover your brows.

I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Ebony. I have tried different products for my brows before, but I found this has the best consistency when applying and I love the thick formula. The color is also perfect. I recommend you use a Long lasting product and not use powder for your brows. Powder products usually fade throughout the day and this is why I am obsessed with this brow product.

Here is the video in which I explain step by step.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Flirty Eyes Wearable Makeup for School or Work

Hi guys to today I just uploaded a video on my channel about how to archive a natural wearable makeup look, that's also flirty and can make yours eyes look bigger. Making your eyes look bigger is all about the lashes. False lashes are very trendy and in certain cultures, such as in Japan, They're mostly used to make your eyes look bigger. I love Japanese style Falsies, because they really give your eyes a dramatic manga look, which makes your eyes pop.

For this Look Used peach color shadow that complement my skin and also are very wearable. I love colors like pinks nudes and peach, because they can be wore all year long despite the season.

                                           Here's the video for this look with all the details.